Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Shaping of Mother

In November and December I ran a contest asking:

What is one way motherhood has shaped YOU?

I'm taking your answers and running a series called "The Shaping of Mother". I was so blessed by your answers. Some serious, some laugh-out-loud funny! Priceless.

If you didn't get a chance to give your two cents, do so now. Just leave a comment. I'll be choosing one random commentor to receive a copy of Blue Like Play Dough when it releases in July.

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Karen P.: Motherhood has taught me I don't have to be perfect and that I can be a unique mom, rather than follow another's pattern of motherhood. Not only did God create me to be a one-of-a-kind mom and accepts me as I am, but I've learned my children accept me as well.

Alta: I became a mother at 16,had four children and started again at 52and brought home 6 more. Had two sons die inthe last two years. Motherhood has taught me GREAT Joy and Unbelievable Pain. But that God is in control, and will hold my hand through all things.I like to be in control but I am not, HE is.

Kellie: How has motherhood shaped me? Motherhood has given me a sense of accountability to a degree that I didn't know what possible!

Abi: How has motherhood shaped me? Well in many ways. My physical shape has change drastically. I\'ve built up my resistance to pain does that count. :0)

Danielle: Motherhood has shaped me in many ways. The most profound change has been in my view of God. Before I had children I knew I was a child or God and I knew God loved me. I never knew how deep that love went. When my girls were tiny, I marveled at every little detail...tiny toes, chubby legs, sweet sounds from perfectly formed lips. When the sun hit my daughter's hair it was like spun gold. Even asleep they could amaze me for hours. When they discovered their tiny fists and brought them closer and closer to get a better look, I laughed when they bonked themselves right between the eyes. As they grew I was delighted when they learned my name and now I thoroughly enjoy a sweet conversation about "hethen" (my daughter's word for 'heaven\. When they make mistakes or plain disobey, I get frustrated, but I still love them indescribably. The amazing realization that God loves me, little old me, with that depth is incomprehensible. He loves every feature of mine, even my chubby legs. He loves when I say His name. He loves having conversations with me even when I don't make sense. When I cry and my heart feels empty, He feels it, too. When a burden is just too heavy, He carries it for me, just like I carry heavy burdens for my girls. Even when I disobey, God loves me. Motherhood has shaped me in some unfortunate ways, thanks stretch marks and saggy parts, but knowing and growing closer to God is worth every moment, good or bad.


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