Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Shaping of Mother

In November and December I ran a contest asking:

What is one way motherhood has shaped YOU?

I'm taking your answers and running a series called "The Shaping of Mother". I was so blessed by your answers. Some serious, some laugh-out-loud funny! Priceless.

If you didn't get a chance to give your two cents, do so now. Just leave a comment. I'll be choosing one random commentor to receive a copy of Blue Like Play Dough when it releases in July.

Dena: Motherhood has shaped me into a more lighthearted person. My two boys (three, if you count my hubby!) make me laugh all the time and not take myself so seriously...a real gift to this melancholy gal. :)

Monica: Mothering hasn't just shaped me, it has completely changed me and my relationship with Christ. I have learned so much about myself and grown right along with these children. It has definitely been the most humbling, most rewarding, most time consuming, most revealing job I've ever had. Daily, I am reminded of what God wants me to be to these three beautiful souls and it has made me seek Him more than ever. It has made me less self reliant and more God reliant. It has literally transformed me. I constantly desire to become the woman, the wife, and the mother that God has laid me out to be but the one that is the most important is mothering because that affects three lives that are not yet able to discern for themselves or have not yet come to know saving faith in Christ.

Patricia M.: Motherhood has changed me by giving me more patience than I thought I would ever have. I have a disabled child whom I homeschool. Some days are small triumphs, other days are a study in patience.

Christina M.: My first response about how motherhood has 'shaped' me was the different shape of my body!! However, I have learned that having these 3 active, sweet little boys each day is SO worth everything I had to go thru to conceive them!

Jenni S.: Motherhood has taught me about how very selfish I can be. First, through years of infertility, I wanted only what I wanted, not what God had planned as my best. And then, once my blesings came, I relized how very not ready I was for motherhood and it's 24/7 demands! I am thankful for the ways God is continually teaching me to rely on Him and make their childhoods about God and them, when I could very selfishly try to have it "all about me". I'm so thankful for motherhood, and so VERY thankful that I don't have to do it without Him, because it's so much harder than I every day-dreamed it possibly could be.


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