Monday, January 26, 2009

Where did this tummy come from???

In November and December I ran a contest asking:

What is one way motherhood has shaped YOU?

I'm taking your answers and running a series called "The Shaping of Mother". I was so blessed by your answers. Some serious, some laugh-out-loud funny! Priceless.

If you didn't get a chance to give your two cents, do so now. Just leave a comment. I'll be choosing one random commentor to receive a copy of Blue Like Play Dough when it releases in July.

April B.: Our children shape who we become from the moment they are born! We look into those tiny new eyes, hold those tiny new fingers, trace those tiny new legs, and our imaginations, dreams, and hopes come alive in them. We are suddenly filled with a new wonder and a new love we've never experienced before. How we respond to that love, and how our little one responds to it and gives it begins a new chapter in our lives. When those children have children of their own, its a new discovery of fresh love. It enlivens us. Its hope re-newed. What we do, where and how we go and to whom we connect all goes back to those fresh new hearts at home. Grandparenting begins a new thread of connectivity and heritage that binds us tightly and never lets go.

Pam A.: Motherhood has made me REALLY appreciate my mom and has made us fast friends. It has given me a patient and understanding heart and has shown me what love really is. I never imagined the depth of God's love for me until I had my kids.

Sabrina F.: When my son was born I made a choice to be the mom I wish I'd had as a child. I get to do things with my son that I sooo wanted to do with my mother. I think he keeps me normal. =) When life would have dictated that I be this messed up adult who was not treated well as a child, being a mom I can be proud of gives me a purpose and a reason to keep trying to be the person he sees me as. It's been very rewarding and even healing in some ways.

Deena P.: I don't expect to win (because I rarely do:-), but motherhood has made me less judgmental. Before our oldest daughter rebelled against God, I thought that only bad kids from faux Christian homes did stuff like that. We homeschooled, were faithful in church, lived out our faith, did home studies, talked "real" with our kids about sin and about our pasts...and she rebelled. Now, I don't judge any parent on how their kids behave. I just listen and pray.

Jill: Besides literally reshaping me (where did this tummy come from???), motherhood has taught me that success can't always be measured the way it was before. Sometime success is just getting a shower in or making it through the day without yelling. And that those are quite the accomplishments to be proud of.


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