Sunday, June 25, 2006

bloggers wanted

Hi friends!

I'm looking to do a blog tour for my upcoming novel, Arms of Deliverance, due to be released in July.

Please let me know if you're interested in helping out.

What you'll get for participating:
--Free book for blogger (you).
--Free book for giveaway.
--Link to Chapter 1 (Which you can post in part or whole on your blog.)
--Answers to your Interview questions. (If so desired.)
--A pre-written article about the novel. "The Story Behind the Novel.

"If you'd like an idea what the book is about, here is the description:

The fourth and final novel in this exhilarating series capturing the tales of men and women swept into World War II. Two friends, Mary and Lee, land similar reporting jobs at the New York Tribune on the eve of the war's outbreak and soon they become competitors. Mary's coverage of a bombing raid over Germany leads to a plane wreck and an adventurous escape attempt from across enemy lines. And when Lee hears of Mary's plight, she bravely heads to war-torn Europe in an effort to help rescue her friend. Will there be enough time for diplomacy or will war get the best of everyone?

If you're interested, email me at (Just change at to @)


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