Thursday, October 05, 2006

O Pioneer!

(Photo of Tricia and Nathan at Glacier National Park on Saturday.)

My friend Mary DeMuth is highlighting me on her parenting blog. One thing she asked was about pioneer parenting, and how I'm raising my kids differently than I was raised. This REALLY has gotten me thinking.

I noticed a HUGE difference just last night. My teen daughter was having a struggle with someone who was spreading rumors. She came to John and I and asked us to pray with her. After that, we also spent about 30 minutes talking to her. Okay, not "we." John did most of the talking about forgiveness, loving others, etc. It was amazing. Then we all prayed together.

So it got me thinking. I can for sure say that I've never had that intimate of a conversation with my dad in all my growing up years. In fact, I'm not even sure if I ever did with either parent. Yet last night John and I praised God that we have children who can come to us for advice and encouragement. How amazing is that?!

Yes, sometimes I do feel like a pioneer parent, hiking my way through life. (And I'm not only talking about times, like Saturday when Nathan and I went hiking in Glacier National Park.) But also daily as I focus on God and strive with my husband to raise these kids in a way that will connect them with Christ, with us as parents, with their family members, and with the family of God.

It's okay to be a pioneer parent when God is leading the trail. Westward Ho!


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