Saturday, September 30, 2006

Impromptu Photoshoot

I love the saying, "If life gives you lemons, make lemonade." As a parent, the only other alternative is getting cranky when things don't turn out as planned--and who wants that?!

Yesterday I had an opportunity to make some lemonade. A friend was visiting, and I thought it would be fun to take Gayle, my grandma and the kids up to our local ski park where they give gondola rides off season. Unfortunately, we were off season for that! We looked around the view from the ski park, and then I tried to come up with something to do with a van load of people.

We ended up going to Norms News (an adorable soda fountain for lunch) but before that we stopped at Whitefish Beach. We piled out with our cameras and had a fun time posing for pictures. Some of them actually turned out pretty good. (A photography field trip that I hadn't planned!)

And, gee, I might even use some of these on our Christmas cards. I especially love the one with my grandma and her great-granddaughter. Isn't it adorable?


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