Thursday, November 30, 2006

Ten Things I Wished I Known
(about parenting)

1. Legos, pennies, and broken crayons will pass through a toddler's digestive system.

2. The 18-month-old won't remember the expensive Disneyland Trip when he grows up, no matter how many life-size characters you meet.

3. Don't teach your child a new trick at 6-months that you'll discipline her for at three years.

4. Store bought cookies are just as fun to decorate and half the stress.

5. If you have a gut feeling that you better check on your too-quiet toddler ... RUN.

6. Your comments about your mother-in-law WILL be repeated if spoken within 150 yds. of the nearest toddler.

7. There is nothing more heart-warming than a two-year-old voice singing "Jesus Loves Me."

8. Yes ... you will laugh about it some day.

9. Don't allow your husband to lend out your video camera without reminding him ELEVEN times to copy off your child's birth.

10. A mother's spit works just as well as antibacterial wipes ... but never apply around friends, in public, or once they're old enough to shower and shave.


At Monday, 04 December, 2006, Anonymous Eric Wilson said...

Laugh out loud hilarious! My wife and I can relate to a number of these.


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