Friday, May 18, 2007

Gen Xisms from the 90's...

as coined by Douglas Copeland in his book, Generation X!

Disclaimer: Entertainment only! (Also a reminder how bleak life without God can be!)

McJob: (page 5)
A low-pay, low-prestige, low-dignity, low-benefit, no-future job in the service sector. Frequently considered a satisfying career choice by people who have never held one.

Historical Slumming: (page 11)
The act of visiting locations such as diners, smokestack industrial sites, rural villages -- locations where time has been frozen many years back -- so as to experience relief when one returns back to "the present

Safety Net-ism: (page 34)
The belief that there will always be a financial and emotional safety net to buffer life's hurts. Usually parents.

Voter's Block: (page 80)
The attempt, however futile, to register dissent with the current political system by simply not voting.

Poor Buoyancy: (page 82)
The realization that one was a better person when one had less money.

Occupational Slumming: (page 113)
Taking a job beneath one's skills or education level as a means of retreat from adult responsibilities and/or avoiding possible failure in one's true occupation.

Tele-Parablizing: (page 120)
Morals used in everyday life that derive from TV sitcom plots: "That's just like the episode where Jan lost her glasses."

Paper Rabies: (page 127)
Hypersensitivity to littering.

Squires: (page 135)
The most common X generation subgroup and the only subgroup given to breeding. Squires exist almost exclusively in couples and are recognizable by their frantic attempts to recreate a semblance of Eisenhower-era plenitude and their daily lives in the face of exorbitant housing prices and two-job life-styles. Squires tend to be continually exhausted from voraciously acquisitive pursuit of furniture and knickknacks.

Option Paralysis: (page 139)
The tendency, when given unlimited choices, to make none.

Terminal Wanderlust: (page 171)
A condition common to people of transient middle-class upbringings. Unable to feel rooted in any one environment, the move continually in hopes of finding an idealized sense of community in the next location.

and there's more...


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