Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Guest Blogger...Cara Putnam

Saturday I accomplished a life-long goal.

My husband and I joined more than 30,000 of our closest friends (not!) and ran the Indianapolis mini-marathon. It was an amazing accomplishment to run 13.1 miles. Especially considering three months ago I’d taken a break from running.

I don’t think I fully understand what I learned through this experience yet. But I can share a few things with you.

1) I didn’t run 13.1 miles without starting small. The training regime had us start at 3 miles, and then we slowly ramped up. Before I thought I’d be ready, I was running 7 and 8 miles. And after a few of those, 9 didn’t seem so far. I never ran further than 9.5 miles, but once I hit 10 miles, I knew I could finish, because…

2) I can do anything for thirty minutes. You’ve probably heard the saying: how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. How do we do anything in life? A piece at a time. Break it into measurable units, and we can do just about anything.

3) It helps so much to have a partner. I helped Eric stay at a steady pace for the first few miles. Then he helped keep me going when it started to hurt. I wouldn’t stop, because I refused to slow him down and make him choose between waiting for me and running ahead.

4) Discipline. Discipline. Discipline. I had to train on days I didn’t want to. I had to run when it would have been more fun to wax my legs (ugh!).

These principles cross over to other areas of our lies. Are you a parent? Feel like this is one of those stages you’re not sure you’ll survive. Yes, you will because you can do anything for a season. We just have to determine to do it.

Is one of your dreams to write a book? Then make the time. Sit in a chair and do it. As Nike says: Just do it. Even as I approached the starting line, I wondered if I was crazy. But I had to try. And it was the same way the first time I sat down to write. Who did I think I was to think I could write a book? But day after day, word after word, page after page, I wrote one book. Then a second. And now I have two books that are contracted that I have to write. And my first book releases in October. But if I hadn’t put my behind in the chair, I never would have had anything to sell. And my dreams would still be nothing more than dreams.

But don’t try it alone. Ask God to bring people alongside you to help and encourage you. Whether it’s as a parent, homeschooler, writer, or anything else, we can do it so much better when we don’t feel alone.

So dust off that list of dreams that’s lingering in the closet. Which one are you ready to tackle? As for me, I’m looking for another mini-marathon because I have a time to beat.

Cara C. PutmanCanteen Dreams -- coming October 2007 (Heartsong Presents)Sandhill Dreams and Captive Dreams -- 2008 (Heartsong Presents)The Law, Life & Books: http://carasmusings.blogspot.com/Original Writer for Jake Tremaine at Scenes & Beans:http://kannerlake.blogspot.com/

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At Tuesday, 08 May, 2007, Blogger amyanne said...

Okay, Cara great post...last spring I started running and ran everyday until end of September (when it got too cold), this year, I'm having a hard time getting going.
Great inspiration!
I'm off to drag out my running clothes.


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