Friday, November 16, 2007


Basketball has begun and John and I have decided it's our favorite season of they year. Why? We get to watch our kids play. Get to hang out with cool homeschooling families. Get to sit side-by-side in the bleachers and chat about nothing and everything. (When we're not screaming our heads off, that is!) Get to travel all around Montana for games (up to five hours away for one game!) Hang out with our kids in the car, talk, eat out, stay in hotel rooms and have fun as a family!

Here are photos of the first scrimmage. We lost but Cory (#15) did GREAT! It's his last season and he's giving it his all.

The cool thing is when we got in the car.

Cory: That was sooo cool.

Mom: Yeah, you played really good.

Cory: No, not that. Did you see that guy guarding me? He was in my face and rude when we started, muttering all sorts of things under his breath, but I helped him up when I knocked him down. I high-fived him when he had a good play. And by the end of the night he was smiling and patting me on the back.

Now THAT put a smile on this mom's face.

It was totally cool because the school we played against was a boarding/rehabilitation school for kids who've been in trouble and are under treatment. They've had hard lives brought on by bad choices, and I like to think that after we left they wondered just what was different about these players.

And, in this mom's opinion, that was a WINNING game.


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