Monday, February 23, 2009

The Shaping of Mother - Last Chance

In November and December I ran a contest asking:

What is one way motherhood has shaped YOU?

I'm taking your answers and running a series called "The Shaping of Mother". I was so blessed by your answers. Some serious, some laugh-out-loud funny! Priceless.

If you didn't get a chance to give your two cents, do so now. Just leave a comment. I'll be choosing one random commentor TOMORROW! to receive a copy of Blue Like Play Dough when it releases in July.

Janet: I have been a mother for 32 years. Although my four have long gone, the pitter patter of little feet continue to echo in the memory chambers of my heart. I may not have them home but being a mom never stops, nor do I want it to. Through the journey I have seen the unfathomable love my heavenly Dad has for me. The things I would do and have done for my children is the reflection of His love, what he would do for me. The shape of motherhood is to me the face of Jesus.

Jennifer: Can Canadians enter your contest? I hope so :).
How motherhood has shaped me. WOW. I have three little ones now and motherhood has taught me how to be there for others, how to love every day all the way, how to be a teacher, how to set myself aside in the insanity of changing diapers and nursing all day long. Motherhood is one of God\'s best ways of refining women I think :).

Christina: Motherhood has shaped me into a more giving and loving person. It has taught me that I can protect small lives and revealed the small dangers that are around every corner as well as the wonderful delights in a dandelion. Motherhood has shown me that there are many things to be seen if we slow down enough to see them and that peanut buttery kisses are among the best you can get!

What has motherhood taught you? Leave a comment!


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