Monday, March 23, 2009

I'm on Today's Christian Woman!

This was so fun! I got to be part of a rountable discussion for Today's Christian Woman. The topic was...

Domestically Challenged!
4 women share their secrets on dealing with household issues.

With a plethora of TV channels and magazines telling us the way our homes ought to look, feel, and be if we want any chance of being happy in them, it's easy for those of us who are "domestically challenged" to feel frustrated or like failures if we're not gifted in the home-making department. It doesn't matter how many other things you're good at or what things God has called you to do. If your home doesn't meet certain expectations, chances are you feel lousy.

But is that the way God wants us to feel? Does he care as much about the messiness of our homes as—say—our mothers do? Does a messy house really equal a messy soul? TCW wanted to get the dirt on these questions. So we sat with some domestically challenged friends and listened to them share what makes them messy (besides all that laundry!) and where God is in the midst of the mess.

On What Your House Looks Like Right Now

Tricia: It depends which rooms you go into. I keep a main area clean.

Carla: The first things you'd see in my house are three big duffle bags of soccer gear and a seat from the van on the porch. Then a big pile of shoes.

Caryn: Well, today is a different story because the woman who comes to clean for me every couple of weeks was there yesterday. So while normally it's a mess—there are toys everywhere—it's better right now. It won't last.

Ginger: My house is clean-ish. But I'd be embarrassed if someone dropped in.

On What You Do Before Your Mom Comes to Visit...

Read the whole article here!

Watch a video of this conversation here.


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