Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Motherhood has shaped this WINNER!

"The Shaping of Mother" series has come to an end. I was so blessed by your answers. Some serious, some laugh-out-loud funny! Priceless.

The winner of Blue Like Play Dough is...

Amy said...
I find myself mothering other people, my co-workers, my girlfriends and the funny part is, I do not feel like a nurturer.

I am not a touchy feely person but I do service acts-little things to make their day.

As a mother,motherhood has shaped me to see life in a different view point. Life is more important than the cleaning and such. Today was going out sledding in the beautiful, cold sunny day.

Congrats Amy...send my assistant Amy (amy@triciagoyer.com) your mailing address and she'll make sure you get a copy of BLP when it releases this summer.


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