Monday, June 26, 2006

Got Shape?

This year when we were in Epcot center, we came across this "garden" in which Disney works with NASA to create "the garden of tomorrow." One thing that really impressed me were these especially designed forms that the gardners used for their pumpkins. By growing the vegetable in this manner, it forms into a specific desired shape.

How, too, are we the gardeners of our kids' hearts. From the time they are born, we plant, tend, prune, and nurture . . . yet do we take time to really consider our children's "shape"?

S . . . the Spiritual. Their knowledge of Jesus and God's Word, with applies to every area of their lives.

H . . . the Habitual. Their habits, which they will live with for a lifetime.

A . . . the Acceptable. Their interaction with others, which involves care, consideration, and love.

P . . . the Practical. Their interaction with the world around them, which they can either learn to face with confidence or hide from with fear. (Preferably the former.)

E . . . the Eternal. Their salvation, which will determine eternity.

Like me, you tend some of these areas with excellence, yet others have grown weedy with neligence. What should you do?

The first part of change is seeking God's wisdom and strength. The second part of is making steps to improve your shape. The third is to take those steps in faith, remembering they can only be achieved by starting over on Step One.

This is a simple "form" to follow, but one that effects every part of my tending. How about you? What shape is your garden in? And what are you going to do about it?


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