Tuesday, July 18, 2006

More thoughts on writing and family . . .

Like many of you, I have a very busy life. I have three kids at home whom I homeschool, a grandma who lives with us, I volunteer at children's church every week, and mentor teen moms. My husband works full time (50+ hours a week), so I'm the one shuttling kids, grocery shopping, cleaning, cooking, paying bills, making doctor's appointments--basically running our lives.

I turn green when I hear about those writers who have a quiet office and treat writing like a day job--escaping between 9-5. Of course, that Oscar-the-Grouch-look only lasts for a minute or two because that's not what God has for me. He has a much different plan for my life and writing.

This means I go on with normal life, "playing" with my next book idea for a few months. Then, two months before deadline, I think "OH crap, I really need to start writing."

One month later, I think, "Man, I seriously need to get serious about this." Yes, so I write huge amounts of words and the house is totally thrashed, my kids have to cook their own meals, the bills eventually get off with only one or two late fees, and I don't leave the house except for church and those errands that never seem to go away.

So basically, if I had a year to write a book, life keep me busy until two months prior and my famous "OH crap" moment hits. So I schedule about four months between books . . . And why not?! It's a great excuse for not having to clean toilets!

In the end, does God work with this system. You bet. Actually, I feel closest to Him when I'm in this crunch moments and I depend on Him for my every breath. Will this writing system work for everyone? No way. But I do feel I'm giving my best to God and He's using me in amazing ways in all areas of my life.

So how about you? Do you feel God most when life is at its craziest???

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At Thursday, 20 July, 2006, Blogger Khaled said...

For us we feel God all the time, here...
I hope Allah will help us to pass this tuff period that is caused by israel...


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