Thursday, June 29, 2006

Guest Blogger: Christy Fitzwater

I'd like to take a minute to introduce my friend, Christy. She is a friend, neighbor, and her daughter is my daughter's best friend. I'm blessed!

When I was pregnant I worried a lot. I worried about birth defects. Worried about safe labor and delivery. Worried about having a healthy baby. It was amazing how much was out of my control. I began the practice of trusting God even before my baby took a first breath outside the womb.

Now that baby will enter the youth group this summer, and I'm worried again. Will she be tempted to have sex in a few years? Will she seek God as a teenager? Will she watch movies she shouldn't? Will she fall prey to the evils on the internet? Will she try meth? And again I realize so much of that will be out of my control. I am once again learning to trust God even before my girl takes her first step into the youth department.

When I left the hospital with my baby girl, we went straight to Arby's. (I had thrown up all nine months and couldn't wait to eat a meal and keep it down!) While we waited in the drive through, a man backed out of a parking space and right into the passenger door where my new baby rested in her car seat. It was a gentle bump and no injury occurred, but I was once again reminded how much of this child's life was out of my control.

There's a lot to being a good parent, including modeling, discipline, quality time... But in the end it still comes down to trusting a God who is good to take care of my kid.

I pray a lot.


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