Thursday, April 26, 2007

Guest Blogger...Gina Conroy

Breaking Up Ain't Hard to Do

Okay, why is it that I'm not at all shocked any more when I hear of yet another well respected Godly couple calling it quits or separating?

Last time it was good friends of ours. The husband left his wife and two kids without any warning. He just didn't want to be married any more. My husband tried repeatedly to be a friend to him, but there was always an excuse why he couldn't get together for lunch.

Now it's a homeschool mom of three girls, raised in a Godly family and married to her college sweetheart who's left her family. I'm surprised, but not shocked and that's frightening.

It tells me that more and more people I know and respect are splitting up. Couples who I thought had a better/stronger marriage relationship than me and my hubby are now calling it quits. It's crazy! By all appearances I probably should have been divorced, oh fifteen years ago, but we made a commitment to each other and no matter how tough it gets, we're willing to work through it. Yes, mostly for the children's sake, but also because I believe that our union was orchestrated by God, though at times it's hard to understand what in the world God was thinking when he put us together. :)

But that's another story for another day!

Still, I know that we're together because we really need each other. Yes, I'm pretty stubborn about a lot of things and my baggage usually gets in the way of learning my lessons, but I'm not quitting. No matter how long it takes me to graduate.

I'm a product of divorce and never want my children to experience that. Even though ours is a dysfunctional family of sorts, we're still a committed family. That's why I can't understand what pushes these people to the edge. Why they leave their children and families?

Well, maybe I can understand. I've felt hopelessness and despair, but instead of withdrawing or running to someone else for comfort, I cried out to God. Instead of focusing on myself and the moment, I've tried to grasp the big picture and how my actions would affect the whole family.

Maybe it's not for me to understand. I probably never will. But one thing I can do is pray.

Will you pray also for these marriages and for the ones that are on the brink of destruction?

Gina Conroy
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At Thursday, 26 April, 2007, Blogger Jen's Journey said...

I know what you mean in being shocked by these broken marriages. Last year, I found out my mentor )and cousin)had just experienced heartbreak at the hands of her husband whom I admired for his commitment to her. I won't go into the details, but this really threw me a hard left. I cried for her and cried for the disappointment I felt that theirs was a destroyed marriage because he was making such wrong decisions. I am just happy to report she has since gone back to school after 20+ years of marriage and is pursuing her dreams.

At Friday, 27 April, 2007, Anonymous Diane D said...

I am currently having to watch my best friend go through this...her husband of 19 years has moved out and left her & their three teenage girls, seemingly just not wanting to be married anymore. My friend is a child of divorced parents and does NOT want this for her girls but it seems that choice has been taken out of her hands. It is so sad. My prayers are with your friends and all marriages. May God bless us and help me to be the kind of wife He would have me be.

At Friday, 27 April, 2007, Anonymous Mary said...

This is so sad, I know what you're's way too common among Christians and couples that have been together for more than a decade! To me, that just seems crazy...they lasted so long, what was the straw that broke the camel's back?

I prayed for your friends while I waited for the blogger comment box to open up...

So how many years have you been married, Gina? We'll reach 14 years this July.

At Sunday, 29 April, 2007, Blogger Jen's Journey said...

And to think I am happy to be married eight years Tuesday!!! I keep thinking we have made it this far by God's grace and by the time 20 years comes around, I won't have much to worry over because we will be comfortable. But, learning through these experiences has made me open my eyes to the fact that it won't matter the number of years, there will always be maintenance. Prayers with all married couples out there. ~shaking my head~


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