Monday, May 21, 2007

A Review...

Here is a review of Generation NeXt Parenting by Lynn Worley.

Read it and see if you agree... I'd love to hear your thoughts!

I’m not sure I agree with the basic premise of this book. Or maybe I’m just letting the fact that I fall into the category of the age of the author’s parents. I wasn’t raised the way her parents were. I didn’t raise my children the way she was raised. So I have to wonder, how many people she is trying to group together simply because they were born during a certain time span were really raised the same way she was and really have everything in common that she claims. Yes there are historical events that all who are alive at the time go through. But each goes through them in their own way and while at different ages.

As the author goes through the different things she wants to discuss, she gives the reader a lot of insight into what her childhood was like. As with each of us what we go through shapes into what we become. What she assumes is that everyone else who was born around the same time she was went through similar things. I find that hard to believe.
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At Monday, 21 May, 2007, Blogger Sherry B said...

I have to disagree with this reviewer. I wasn't raised the way you were raised but I related to growing up with the general circumstances that surrounded our generation. Even if I didn't live it personally, I knew that the situations were around me. No, all GenX parents weren't raised alike...but we were all raised at the same time! Even being an extremely sheltered child, I knew what was going on around me.

At Tuesday, 22 May, 2007, Anonymous Diane Day said...

Huh. Isn't that interesting? I was totally able to relate to your book since my childhood was so similar (even the town!). I don't share my thoughts about it with my mother though, because I think she did the best she could and would assume so much guilt and become very defensive. She was intentionally the opposite type of parent from what she had...and I always knew she loved me, no matter what. Maybe this reviewer's perspective just MAKES your point that there IS a generational difference???? I think the main thing for us all to remember is that God chose our parents and our time (hey, didn't you say that in your book?)...and that we are to honor them, even if we don't necessarily agree with the choices they made. And although we may not make the SAME mistakes with our children, we likely will make SOME mistakes...and hopefully they will be as forgiving of us! :)


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