Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Love GenX Style Contest entry #19

Remember the story with the most votes wins the "date with your spouse" gift certificate! If you haven't yet submitted a story...what are you waiting for? :)

Today's entry is from Laura P:

I was in my Junior year in college, and it was the weekend that high school students came to visit the school. There was a skit being put on for their entertainment in the chapel. I was coming into the chapel with a friend, and this kid snagged us, and asked if we could help him out, by coming into the chapel in front of him. THAT kid was Jason. He was a Junior in HIGH SCHOOL that year.

Fast forward two years later, I was a second-year senior, and living off campus. There was this new guy there somehow familiar looking, and talking to me about this girl that he was interested in dating. We spent a lot of time together, just talking and hanging out.

I was still sort of dating a guy I had been dating for about a year he was anxious to get married. I was NOT convinced. I needed space to think about how I could break up with him convince him that it was OVER. He showed up at my work on Friday night, with roses. I was not happy to see him. I spent a little bit of time with him, trying to make sure he understood that I really meant it then I ran away. I went to the dorms to spend the night with my friend, who decided that we needed to get out.

We called Jason and one of his friends, and we ran away to IHOP where we drank copious amounts of coffee, and talked until late into the night. That was October 13th. We had our first official date on the 17th, and were married exactly a year later. (Oh, and those friends who went out with us to IHOP? They re married now, too to each other!)

Win a date with your spouse (whoo-hoo) Love Gen X Style! Share your story and WIN a dinner for TWO to the restaurant of your choice! ($50 maximum)

Tell us the story of how you and your spousse met. If you have photos, send those along, too! All the stories will be published on this blog. The winning story will be the one with the most tell your friends. A winning story will be chosen at the end of the blog tour and will be published in Tricia's monthly newsletter! (Just think, you'll be famous!)

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