Wednesday, June 28, 2006

1984 Olympics . . . Did you tune in?

What do you think of when you hear these names: Nadia Comaneci and Bart Conner?

Gymnastics, of course!

I would have to say out of all the summer Olympic games, 1984 stands out in my mind. I remember sitting in front of the TV watching in awe as the gymnists flipped and twirled and took home the gold.

Why would I bring this up? Nadia Comaneci, Bart Conner Have a Boy.

"He already has definition in his deltoids and his biceps," Conner, 48, tells the Associated Press.

Wow. I'm impressed. Not by the baby's biceps, but the fact that cutie Bart Conner is 48. But don't worry, Nadia is only 44. They of course, are a little older than most Gen X Parents, but hey . . . we'll welcome them with open arms, won't we? After all, they showed us what Olympic-sized hope and dreams are all about!


At Wednesday, 28 June, 2006, Blogger Jennifer Tiszai said...

It was especially memorable to me because it was in LA, about an hour from my home. Plus, I had been a competitive gymnast. I thought it was the perfect sports romance that those two got married. Wonder if this little one will follow in their footsteps.

At Wednesday, 28 June, 2006, Blogger Tricia Goyer said...

We went to Disneyland that year as the family. We didn't have tickets for any of the Olympic events, but the park was packed with athletes. It was very cool.

Also, I think we'll be hearing from their little guy in sixteen years or so at the Olympics. What great genes! Not only that, it will be what he knows.

All three of my kids are very imagainative and good writers. They are surrounded by books, books, books, and we are a storytelling family. I think both nature and nuture play a part in their love of words.

At Thursday, 29 June, 2006, Blogger Cara Putman said...

Oh. I think my love affair with the Olympics started in 1984, because I was ten and they were in the US. Two weeks every two years, I am glued to the TV to watch all the sports and learn all the stories. I love it!


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