Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Guest Blogger: Allison Wilson

Exceptional Kids
by Allison Wilson

Before I was married I thought two kids would be perfect. Nicely rounded out in the family. One boy, one girl. Just right. Then my first child was born.

My kiddo is exceptional in just about everything he does. HIGHLY exceptional. He was playing computer games by 18 months, taught himself to read by 3 1/2 and talked like a little adult from about 2. My mother used to exclaim after speaking to him on the phone that she forgot sometimes just how young he was. He never went through the baby babble stage. All I ever got was real talk which couldn’t be tuned out (smile). Never a moments rest until nap or bed at which time I would collapse on the nearest flat surface in exhaustion.

I’ve asked God why I can’t just have NORMAL. Normal would be good, right? But His answer is always the same. “I gave this precious child of mine to YOU to love and cuddle. To shape and guide. To teach and instruct in Who I Am. Why would I make normal when I can make exceptional?”

So, as a mom, I live each day thanking God for exceptional. He doesn’t make junk. He also doesn’t make second best. No matter what stage they are in, they are precious. Love them. Hug them. Kiss them. And teach them who made them exceptionally perfect just for you to love.

You can find about more about Allison at: www.hearthitting.blogspot.com


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