Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Guest Blogger: Laura Domino

Parenting with Patience

God loves me so much, and knows me so well. He gave me children so that I could experience a side of Him I would have missed otherwise.

Being a parent gives me many opportunities to see God's great love for me. I see Him in a child's mealtime prayer when she remembers to pray for someone I'd promised prayer for and then forgot. I see Him in one child's encouragement to another, using my words. I see Him in a child's proud smile after an excellent spelling test that we'd worked so hard to prepare for.

Without children in my life, I would've missed out on seeing God as a patient, persevering parent. He encourages me when it's time to discipline my kids because I sometimes see myself in their misadventures. He reminds me of how He teaches me in a gentle, but firm way. My kids need hugs and laughter to turn their moods around. I do too, and I need those parental kisses on the head from my Heavenly Father. Love covers many wrongs - and prevents some too.

This family is imperfect, yet persistantly loving. God has taught us to notice Him in our midst, in our weaknesses, in our triumphs. He is there, revealing more of what we need to see in Him.

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