Thursday, June 29, 2006

Are you overcommitted, overloaded, overwhelmed?

(Leslie age 10)

The day had spun away faster than the last squares of toilet paper on the end of a roll. The clock announced my children’s bedtime, and I couldn’t be happier. I scanned my endless To-Do list wondering if I could squeeze in just a few more tasks that night.

“Mom, can I do one more thing?” Leslie, my 10-year-old daughter, asked.

“Make it quick,” I sighed. A few minutes later, Leslie gave me a hand-drawn grid. The days of the week were written in perfect, fifth-grade cursive.

“This is my schedule, and I’m stressed out. I have no free time.”

It was my daughter’s voice, but did I hear her right? My schedule? Stressed out? Did these words come from a child’s mouth?

Leslie ran her fingers over the squares. “Look, I have basketball two days a week and piano lessons on Tuesdays, not counting daily practice, then….” As she continued, I realized her brothers’ schedules weren’t much better. No wonder our lives were hectic. Meshing my kids’ daily activities with my own was like trying to shove another dirty pan into an already full dishwasher: No matter how things were rearranged, they weren’t going to fit! My daughter and I discussed what we could cut.

“Let’s wait on swimming lessons,” I said. “And cut art class altogether. That will free up Tuesdays and Fridays for just hanging out.”

I noted relief on Leslie’s face as she erased those items from her schedule.

“Thanks, Mom.” She said as she scurried off to bed. “I feel better already.”

Can you relate? Are you overcommitted, overloaded, overwhelmed? If so, you can read the rest of this article here. (Oh, and be sure to comment!!!)

One of the great things about writing about parenting articles, is I can look at my life, see what areas I'd like advice on, and then research it and interview experts to get answers . . . and get paid for it! Not to mention I get to offer great advice to my friends. Is that a sweet deal or what?


At Thursday, 29 June, 2006, Blogger Amy said...

It has been three years since the article. Has anything changed on how you set priorities?

I agree with the article. I am a single parent and there is only so much of me. I have learned that the inexpensive things of life are the best, walks in the mud, sharing nachos with each other and helping others.

Thanks for the article.

At Friday, 30 June, 2006, Blogger Tricia Goyer said...


After three years, I'm still doing the same things. I try to say "no" more. I limit my kids' activities. I pray and seek God's direction.

Also, you're right. The things my kids remember most is when we take TIME, fun, smiles.


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