Thursday, October 19, 2006

Guest Blogger: Debra Henderson

Jesus told me to wash their feet.

When the kids were little and I wanted to do a little toe nail trimming or get them take a bath, I came up with the idea to declare "Spa Treatment." The kids would jump right in to a nice warm baffy, suds up and let me trim their toe nails, wash and style their hair and do it with great joy and giggles.

They came out feeling special and loved. I came off looking like a great mom.

All it took was a little imagination, a few choice words and some creative use of drug store bought items:

Bubble bath, bath oil, bath fizzer, and "mermaid water."

Fun shampoo, fun soap, body scrub, mask or sea salt for foot spa, and fun lotion.

I finished with a message, a drawing on their backs, and a blessing.

Debra is preparing to publish her first book. It is her testimony in allegory form. It's a story of young girl who becomes a queen in spite of her struggles. And how her daughter, Princess Cossette inspires her to go on a quest.

Debra is a at home mother of three children, and they've all inspired her to be a better parent.

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